When The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Ryan ahead of the season, the actor was unable to reveal what her character has been up to since audiences last saw her on the small screen in 2001, or even what episode she appears in. “Candor” teased some of the former: Seven has spent some time near and around the Romulan relocation settlement on the planet Vashti on her fast, unidentified, fighter-like starship. In the episode’s climatic battle, Seven used (and lost) her ship while saving Picard and crew from an attack by an unseen space pirate of sorts and his Original Series-era Romulan bird of prey. Like Picard and Patrick Stewart, Seven and Jeri Ryan are also re-entering the world of Star Trek at a time when both the franchise and the real world are much different than when fans last saw them. So what was the biggest change for Ryan’s newest Trek experience?

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