What happens when everything you love has been taken away? Call God, of course. But will God stop playing Xbox long enough to listen to you? Follow one drunk homeless man, one unscrupulous preacher, and one… maybe two inquisitive narrators on an irreverent journey to decipher the meaning of loss.

“Tastes Like Chicken leads the audience to dive off the edge and where we land is hilarious and profound.”
– Andrew Jordan Nance, Former Director at New Conservatory Theatre, SF

“Tastes Like Chicken is theatre that makes a difference. Steven Low draws us in with powerful characters in unusual circumstances and then makes us think and feel with them as he explores the difficult terrain of loss with hilarity and heart.”
– Amy K. Kilgard, PhD., Professor of Performance Studies, SF State Univ.

What folks are saying about Tastes Like Chicken

Tastes like Chicken is powerful and seamless. I couldn’t tear my eyes away, and the play stayed with me in delicious detail–at once deeply comic and disarmingly intimate. Steven Low is a brilliant, gifted writer.
Carol Denny

Tastes like Chicken had me entranced with it’s wonderful characters.
Audrey Kwan

Tastes Like Chicken pushes the boundaries of solo-theater and touches the emotional essense of loss.
Laura Kohtz

His script, his performance, his vulnerability… ALL blew me away. Truly, I was captivated from beginning to end, and it continues to resonate with me even several days later. 
– Laura McLively

Fucking amazing! It (Tastes Like Chicken) was a true work of art and that’s the highest compliment I can give.
– Michael McLively

Tastes Like Chicken is inspiring. Steven gives us insight into the unexpected inner lives of others.
– Hisae Matsuda, Editor of Leading with Love

Tastes LIke Chicken is that rare mix of absurdly hilarious and deeply profound.
– Marcus Duskin

Tastes Like Chicken was awesome–it had me on the edge of my seat.
– Duy Tran

That play (TLC) is still going to be with me a year from now. It was that deep.
Kristen Shive

It’s (TLC) unrelentingly funny and vulnerable.
– Joanna Burgess

Amazing show!!! Really powerful stuff.
– Kate Ferroggiaro

Credit: Polly Hommel
Credit (chicken): Naotake Murayama